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January 25, 2004 by Gridfish
I am a masculine man, tall and muscular and with facial hair. I was raised by in a very strict Catholic family in the very conservative town of Bucksnort, Idaho. I was a Marine and boxer and once broke a pitbull's jaw when he attacked my little kitty-cat. I like to frequent Irish bars and let people punch me while I drink. I am fond of female oatmeal wrestling. But last night I had this dream that's got me scared. In the dream I awake in the middle of the night to smoke a cig and that Tac...
January 24, 2004 by Gridfish
Sometimes I think people only tell me I'm paranoid so I won't believe they're really out to get me.
January 24, 2004 by Gridfish
1. Mystic River has been called a "Masterpiece," "The year's best film," blah blah blah. THIS MOVIE SUCKED! Where were the surprises? Anyone with 1/2 a brain could figure out it was the kid all along. And what's with the lame ending? The widow and Sean Penn exchange flirtatious glances during the parade, then smile at each other, implying, Boy, we got away with murder. Where is the grief? Tim Robbins was innocent! Widow, you betrayed him! Sean Penn, good friend, you killed him ! But...